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Personally when i am designing a logo i always look at one major thing.

0 Simplicity: How fast will people be able to relate this logo to the meaning and the cause of event or company? This is the most essential part of the logo and probably the most important part. If a logo does not project the clear meaning of the item it is representing, it causes confusion and might not efficiently and fairly standup for it. This can be achieved by arranging different elements that makes up a logo i.e.  images, letters, icons, space, colors etc…Simplicity can be the easiest and hardest thing you can do in design because every time you start a new design, you want it to stand out.


Graphic Design

Viva la vida

Viva la vida(long live life) was released on the 13th june 2008 by cold play as the second single on their 4th album called viva la vida or death and all his friends by .The title is taken from a painting by 20th century Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and the lyrics are said to have a lot of biblical references eg: “pillars of sand” is a clear reference to the Biblical parable given by jesus  about the fool who built his house on sand, and the wise man who built it on solid rock.


Digital media is a form of electronic media. It came as a revolution in migration from analog to digital form ranging from storage to transmissions. In today’s world, the change seemed to come at the right time marking the beginning of a digital era and the migration affected every one, merging traditional disciplines of art with this new leading technique eg: artist to digital artist, software became the new man’s second hands, and the computer our must have tool.



Collage has emerged since the 20th century introducing another form of art in the digital world .It is made of assembling materials eg: papers, ribbons, pictures, news papers and other objects glued to a piece of paper or canvas giving life to a new and unique artwork.The above piece is an example of a collage depicting silhouettes in the presence of light and water. i like to call it “LIFE”, because i wanted to show the importance of water and light in the darkness(life).

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